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  marriage & religion - marriage out of France French Version

The marriage abroad or with a foreigner.



1 Two french people, abroad.

2 French national and a foreigner

   The Code of Family in Algeria : Women and Islamists

3 Other nationalities

4 How to obtain a permanent residency right 

5 Say "I Love You" in Different Languages





Two french people, abroad. 


This marriage must be celebrated by the Ambassador or the Consul of France, if it is possible.

Otherwise, the union by authority local competent is vallable towards the French law, provided that the publication of bannss was made and provided that a certificate of capacity in the marriage was obtained. This is within the competence of the Embassy or Consulate territorialement competent, to contact at least six weeks before foreseen date.

After the marriage, the transcription of this one must be asked in the same authorities and a French family booklet will be put back to the couple.




Marriage between a French national and a foreigner 


In most of the countries, the French national who marries a foreigner has to get married in front of the local authorities of the family status. Any marriage celebrated abroad between a Frenchman and a foreigner is valid in France if it is celebrated in the local forms.

As in the previous case, the French promised has to contact the Embassy or the Consulate of France, to publish bannss and obtain a certificate of capacity in the marriage. After this marriage, it will again be necessary to obtain the transcription of the marriage and the family booklet.

The diplomatic or consular agent has the possibility of asking to speak to the future couple or the couple on the occasion of each of the formalities.

Two years after the marriage, the foreign spouse can require the French nationality. This delay is worn in three years if the spouse does not justify to have lived in France in a continuous way during at least one year. He also has to know enough the French language.


Other Nationalities

search on Google

'requirement for marriage' + country + nationality


How to obtain a permanent residency right

You must usualy require an immigration visa from the Embassy of your country. After that you will obtain a permanent residency right or green card...


For USA look at :


For other contry, search on google

"permanent residency" + marriage + "name of country"