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marriage and religion - The wedding banquet.

The wedding banquet and entertainments


1 The wedding banquet in "occident".                    

2 The speech   

3 The ball and entertainments

4 Other country



The wedding banquet in "occident".

If there is a wedding breakfast, with numerous guests, we shall adopt the disposal like "U".
In the extremity, will be the top table, where will be the newly-weds, accompanied with their parents, and on the tables of quoted, the other dinner guests in order of precedence, and if possible, by moving closer to the persons of the same age, and by mixing families.

Another possibility is to make several tables, by generations, always by mixing families. In that case, at the table of the bridegrooms, will be placed witnesses and close friends.
Other tables will be "chaired" by one or two member of families, guests whom we want to honor more particularly, being put in the table of the parents.

The service can advantageously be replaced by a buffet where people will go to use they the same, what will facilitate the merry animation, and unexpected meetings, which a service at table, necessarily length, would have been able to prevent.

The speech.

A member of family or a closefriend, renowned one as the most qualified to make it, will pronounce before the meal, a short speech, saying in the name of all congratulations and wishes of happiness in newly-weds.

A point of philosophy and humor is not to be be rejected, to cheer up the atmosphere of the beginning of meal, often a little tightened. The good taste of the text is an imperative condition to be respected. 

Some other advices for the speech.

The ball and wedding entertainments.

A the end of the meal, it is the new married who open the ball on a ballroom dancing, rather a slow waltz, so that join them similar and big parents.

Everybody must be able to dance. It will be that towards the environment or at the end of the evening, that we shall put musics more endiablées, as those limp at night "connected". 

It is necessary to avoid pushing the sound system profoundly, so that the conversations can continue, for those who are not relentless of the track.    When the oldest generations will have left places, it will be always time to make it stronger.

You must organize some entertainments and games to cut the dance time : Everybody has to enjoy himself, even those who do not dance.  Other country For the traditions in the other countries, you can make a research on Google, by typing (without forgetting quotation marks): 

' wedding meal ' + country