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  marriage é religion - Engagement French Version



It's the first step when you really love someone and want to live with him...



  Why ?

1 Legal status of engagement.

2 Moral status of engagement.

3 Celebration of Engagement.

4 The customs in various countries      




Why an engagement ?

Nowadays, in occident, while most of the couples live together sometimes several years before getting married, the ceremony of the engagement no more seems to have justifications.

It remains nevertheless an occasion to prove the intention of make official the couple, and, for the families of the future spouses, to meet around a meal.

Often, they know themselves little, or don't know some of the members of the other family at all, and they can so meet. Furthermore, there are sometimes hesitations to this union, for reasons of social "level", religions or different nationalities. The official nature which takes the desire of their children can make them surmount these hesitations, and accept, even reluctantly, the union which is promised.

Legal status of engagement.

The engagement has, in occident, no legal status. They can be thus broken without formalities. The good custom wants that, if it is because of the woman, this one give back the ring which was offered to her, while if it is of the man's fact, this ring can be kept by the abandoned girl.

Moral status of engagement.

Above all, it is necessary to be sure that it is not about an adventure which, to be strong, will there be less temporary, and as we really want to cross the rest of our life with this person. The knowledge of the other one is, as much as possible, the necessary condition. This knowledge can improve during the period of the engagement, if it is not already acquired during the period of a common life which preceded.

Beyond what say to you your feelings, your impressions and your intuition, this knowledge of your partner can be made only by the dialogue. 

You will find, here, a personality test which will amuse you, but will at the same time be an occasion to open a discussion about the most fundamental subjects.

Another test of mutual knowledge is besides proposed. 

A comparison of your deepest aspiration, of your "projects of life ", is necessary, before making a commitment more profoundly. Some of Christian Churches worry about it. Catholic Church has Centers of Preparation for the Marriage; it would nevertheless be necessary for all the couples.

To have information 

on Catholic Centers preparing marriage 

you can make a search on Google, by typing : 

"Catholic Centers to prepare marriage"



Celebration of Engagement.

For some couples, it takes place in the intimacy: on the occasion of a small feast organized to them, with, possibly, some very close friends, the man will offer the engagement ring to the "young lady", who, in exchange, will offer to him, her heart.  Which that time, she can offer also to him a present which will mark this mutual promise; it maybe an attractive watch or, also a pin with tie, cuff links, a signet ring, if the style of clothing of him support them. It is necessary to know that the men are usually very demanding on the style of what they wear, and you should never, on the occasion of a present, want to impose a style which your partner will not admit.

In the most general cases, a festive meal, gathering both families, is organized, to the one of them, rather to that of the fiancée, or in a restaurant. This one can be in the campaign, what will produce an effect of convenient disorientation to get acquainted … 

For that purpose, at table, both families should be mixed, people of the same generation, to facilitate their link.

Announcements will be sent, especially if families have members too much taken away to come, and to the close friends. For these last ones, a small feast can be organized to part, to the place of residence of the fiancés, if they already live together.

This celebration is, in a sense, a small repetition of the ceremony of the marriage, which will happens six months or one year later, except in exceptional circumstances. 
If families are adapt of a religion, a simple celebration can be organized, for example to bless the exchanged jewels, if the couple is Christian.

The customs in various countries 


To know how is done the engagement following your country or religion, you can make a search on Google, by typing: 

engagement + ' name of your religion ' + country




  Why ?

1 Legal status of engagement.

2 Moral status of engagement.

3 Celebration of Engagement.