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 Version en Français marriage-The wedding dresses

The wedding dresses.


Nowadays, many whims are allowed and even the biggest excesses in the originality: as it was not seen marriages celebrated in a swimming pool, the participants having dressed an aqualung  !!!

If the traditional dresses remain used in certain countries or communities, the occidental dresses are more and more adopted all over the world. The symbol is the bridal dress, mostly completely white, but sometimes heightened by spots of colour pastel, pink, blue or even red.



1 The bridal "occidental" dress.

2 The dress of the bridegroom.

3 The boys and the bridesmaids.

4 Several dresses are needed?

5 Traditional dresses of other countries



The bridal dress.

The spotless white evoked formerly the innocence of the fiancée which was sensible to arrive virgin to the marriage. As it is widely allowed, at the moment, that the couples shared apartment, place setting and braid before marrying, this evocation is not more than a souvenir. A day stays dream of every girl to dress this one, and to be so day queen, adorned, the most beautiful to the one that she chose.

In fashion shows, it constitutes the leader of work of the dressmaker, the presented final detailroom, in which he will have blown up his imagination. It is only during a second marriage, or of a late marriage, that a woman can give up, with wisdom, in such a dress which would become fairly ridiculous. A dress, a set or a suit, an elegant and if possible new will make the affair.


By going in a specialized shop, we can be made an idea of the models of the used materials, and also the practised prices. For the persons not looking at the spending at the choice can be a silk dress, a noble and natural material, but which has the inconvenience to take offence easily. It is necessary to count between 1000 and 2000 euro at least for this quality. Dresses in tissues synthetic material are approximately 8 - 10 times less expensive, and cotton or satin are lighter.

Mostly, the dress is long, and more or less ample. She can be cut out the neck or in long sleeves. A woman of size model can allow himself one rather short skirt. In winter, foresee with the dress, a coordinated and rather warm height, or a matched scarf.

Generally, avoid the models overloaded with gathers, underskirts and ribbons, and prefer an elegant simplicity: what counts, it is the jewel and not the case!

The headgear will be provided with a more or less long veil following the tastes. Shoes with not too high heels, for excess not to tire you, because the day will be long. Also think of not overtaking has size of your spouse.

A a tiny bag will be sufficient to store what it is necessary to have with you. 

Finally do not forget, Sirs, the bride bouquet wich you have to offer to your future wife!!!


The dress of the bridegroom.

The three-piece suit is imperative. Of dark color or, on the contrary grey or raw, but never in white, which is reserved for the bride. Avoid tissues with motives - foot of hen, tweed, scores or the others - and prefer plain tissues: fine wool, in lighter winter, as the alpaca, in summer. A white carnation will be slid in its buttonhole, quoted left.

Some whims in the cutting are possible, but you have to think that contrary to the bride, you can wear this suit in other occasions. And, of a quite way, the real elegance, for a man, is in clothes which are not noticeable.

Avoid the dinner-jacket, which should be reserved for evening dresses.

In the "great" marriages, we can dress a jacket with tail of magpie and a top hat, with all the accessories which are imperative in that case.
Shoes and socks will be black.


The boys and the bridesmaids.

Their clothes will have to remind those of the bridegrooms.

Too young children cannot be held with dignity during the ceremony. So, even if the mom dreams to disguise them as small bridegrooms, it is better to avoid taking them unless five or six years.

Several dresses are needed?

For the bride, we shall answer rather "yes".

If certain time ago between the civil marriage and the church wedding, she will adopt a rather elegant dress and of clear color to the city hall, reserving the bridal dress for the religious ceremony. 

Moreover, in that case, especially if both ceremonies do not take place in the same half-day, most of the guests will not come to the City hall.

Other countries

For the traditions in the other countries, you can make a search on Google, by typing (without forgetting quotation marks): 

' wedding dresses ' + ' name of your country '