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marriage and religion - arragement of the procession

The arrangement of the procession.


The wedding etiquette for this arrangement is very precise.



The wedding etiquette for this arrangement is very precise.




It is not the same as it is about the civil marriage or about the church wedding. The point to be held, it is because, before the marriage, the future bride is accompanied by her father, and the future bridegroom by his mother (or them representatives), while after the marriage the couple gives itself the arm.

Thus, if is planned a church wedding, the exit of the city hall is like as in the entrance, the fiancée with her father, and the fiancé with his mother. Otherwise while going out of the City hall, which the couple takes out together.
In the entrance to the city hall or to the place of cult, the procession forms in the following way:


The bridegroom and his mother, the father of the fiancé and the mother of the fiancée, then the witnesses, the big relatives, the brothers and the sisters, the cousins and the other members of the family, who take place in spans: : The friends or the allies of the bride to the left, those of the bridegroom to the right. It is necessary to try to form the couples of the procession by mixing both families, as much as possible. Let us note that the other guests already entered, and took place, by leaving the first free rows. 


When all people are placed, arrives the bride at the arm of her father, followed by the boys and the bridesmaids, whereas the wedding march rings.


On the outlet.



When the marriage is pronounced, at the exit of the church (or of the City hall, if there is no church wedding), both couple leads the way, followed by the parents, the great-parents etc.

The guests, brought out the first ones, make a guard of honour for this procession. Custom wants that we cast handles of rice on the bridegrooms, but it is necessary to throw them in the air, avoid the direct shootings which could hurt them in the eye!


If one of the couple is a part of a club, a brotherhood or the others, these friends will have to form this hedge with a symbolic accessories.


It is the good moment for the bride to throw her wedding bouquet behind her : we believe that the girl who catches it, will marry before the end of the year !!!


Other country

For the traditions in the other countries, you can make a search on Google, by typing (without forgetting quotation marks): 

' wedding procession ' + ' name of your country '