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  marriage-&-religion - The jewish wedding Version en Français mariage et religion - Le mariage juif

         The jewish wedding.        





Conditions of marriage.                           

The ceremony.

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Conditions of marriage.

For this marriage, both couple must be Jewish, as well as their parents, who must be religiously married (this being proved by the presentation of their marriage certificate). Witnesses, men only, must also be Jewish.

The ceremony.

It takes place in the synagogue, and cannot take place in the daytime of the shabat (on Saturday).
Various rites are observed: engagement, when the man crosses a ring in the finger of the woman, in front of both witnesses, and they drink a cup of wine.

Then the rabbi reads the marriage certificate or ketoubah, the legal document drafted before the marriage by the engaged people and their families, to be handed to the bride during the ceremony. The obligations bonds (of financial order essentially) of the husband to his wife, and the numerous other, added by the wise men of the Talmud are explained to him. Other conditions in the marriage, decided before hand by the couple, complete this contract.

But, nowadays the financial or specific clauses in divorce, widowhood, inheritance are governed in fact according to the legislation of the country. This ketoubah is then signed by witnesses and bridegroom. Then takes place the blessing of the couple, and the bridegrooms drink the second cup. The bridegroom breaks then a glass in memory of the destruction of the temple of Jerusalem.

Follow seven holidays, during which the bridegrooms must not work.

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