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  mariage et religion - Les anniversaires de mariage French version

Wedding anniversaries.

The celebration of wedding anniversaries is a tradition of heathen origin.


These remembrances concern only certain anniversaries, namely the silver wedding for the anniversary of 25 wedding years, the golden wedding for 50 wedding years and the diamond wedding for 75 wedding years.


But we can celebrate it the others, by tracking down symbolic terms, as the first anniversary (cotton wedding), the tenth (tin) or twentieth (china).

These qualifiers for each of the intermediate years between the marriage and the golden wedding, are widely fanciful.

Although it is there, it will be a good occasion to party: a meal to the restaurant alone together or with some bosom friends, or a full of life evening at home.

Sirs, you should not especially forget to offer, every year, at least a bouquet to your wife: if you forget this remembrance, she will be there, credibly very angry! 

A meaningful way to celebrate your wedding anniversary is to renew your marriage vows. Some couples renew their vows yearly, others, like us, renew vows every few years. Some couples throw a party and make a big deal out of it, others keep the vow renewal private, just between the two of them. (From Sheri & Bob Stritof, your Guide to Marriage)




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