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Living in couple

Living in couple.


" Love is a fire of the heart which makes us lose the reason. " It is it which leads to the formation of the couples, then to the marriage. Both spouses are full of this love, that they think of having to last always. Each has the impression to know everything of the other one, they so complement each other!




But the life of couple, in everyday life, can alter it, or, on the contrary, allow to deepen this love and this knowledge.


Its deepening passes above all by the exchanged word, and especially by the feeling that has each to be listened to and understood.

Here are some things you must know to have a better quality for your dialogues  


The knowledge of the other one is filtered by the difference of the psychology between the man and the woman.

" The men come from Mars and woman of Venus ", this title of the book of J. Gray expresses in an embellished with images way this difference. Another author, J.Dobson, explains it by the fact that " the center of the feelings in the brain of the man is not 'programmed' in the same way as at the woman.
So, their centres of interest are different, and work differently: a metaphor says that the man lives in an ellipse, among which both foyers, its centres of interest, are different, it will pass from one to another without confusing them. The woman, her, lives in a circle: the two foyers are confused, " she mixes everything ". The women tend to find their identity in the close relations whereas the men find their identity.

Thus, the vision of the man by the woman will be filtered by this difference of mark. She does not see him as he sees himself, and later, the woman will be disappointed by behavior which are normal from his point of view, but considered by her as proofs of indifference, even contempt.


A big effort and a lot of tolerance can, only, allow to surmount this obstacle. 

Drawing of Carmoz, pulled(fired) by P.Daninos Ed's " Jacassin ". Hachette.

And when the one both, for example by anger, or by quite other reason, hurt the other one, he has to think of four small words who bandages these wounds, " I ask you for forgiveness ", and to say then, for example, " I was angry, I said things of which I did not think... Try of forget

If there is no immediate reconciliation, if we leave these wounds not been looked after by this simple means, the grievances and the rancor accumulate and the love is going to fly away. 

A amusing test to send to become reconciled 

How To Make Your Wife Happy?

How to make your Husband happy ?

We speak about many of the beaten " women ", and it is true that it is an abominable phenomenon. But you should not forget that the women have the redoubtable power to hurt or "to kill" their spouse by words of contempt, or sarcasms, which, repeated indefatigably to every domestic scene, have a devastating effect. The man who have no this power of the word, can only undergo or react in this way.


To love, it is not only credit note of the physical relations or to smile when we find the other one pleasant. Make increase the love, it is to love: want the good of the other one, see all that he does the good and not all add that he hurts. It is to try to please the other one. Look free of charge …

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