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Give your answers and compare






1 - I can name the best friends of my spouse.  

2 - I can say which kind of stress my spouses is living.



3 - I can name the persons which irritated recently my spouse.



4 - I can say to you about what my spouse dreams to make in the life.



5 - I can speak to you about the philosophy of life of my spouse.



6 - I can name those whom my spouse prefers in the relationship.



7 - I think that my spouse knows me rather well.



8 - When we are not together I think of the good of my spouse.



9 - I touch and often kiss with affection my spouse.



10 - My spouse really respects me.



11 - There is of the fire and the passion in our relation.



12 - The romanticism is always a part of our relation.



13 - My partner appreciates what I make. 



14 Generally my partner appreciates my personality.

15 - Our sexual life is largely satisfactory.



16 - At the end of the day my spouse is satisfied to find me.



17 - My spouse is one of my best friends.



18 - We like very much speaking together.



19 - We have many exchanges in our discussions.



20 - My spouse listens to me respectfully, even when we do not agree.



21 - My spouse is usually of an invaluable help to resolve the problems.



22 - Generally, us get along well on what concerns the fundamental values and the purposes of the life. 



John Gottman               in, page5