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From july 2011

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  marriage - The photo and video reports Version en Français

The photo and video reports.





Mostly, members of the family or the friends have a good device of photos or a camcorder, and offer themselves to follow the events through their sight. It does not replace the work of a professional who can seize the important moments tactfully and art. Amateurs' centrings are often very imperfect, and the only one, a professional will know how to realize a photo completed for this big day.

Places for photos.

On the scene ceremonies and during the festivities, the reporters would try to seize, with more or less of luck, the most beautiful, soft or picturesque images.
The exchange of rings, the kiss of the bridegrooms, are to take roughly shot, if possible. For this last one, we can begin again the grip, the "actors" will not refuse themselves there certainly!

For the exit of the procession, the photo of group of the family and all the guests, it will be necessary to benefit of staircases the exit of the City hall or of the Church. If there is not, we shall look for another appropriate place.