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  marriage and religion - marriage between homosexuals French Version

Marriage between homosexual people



1 Not any religion practises the marriage between homosexuals.

2 Civil marriage between homosexuals

3 The PACS, the civil pact of solidarity.

4 list of selected sites




No religion practises the marriage between homosexuals.

It is not a question, indeed for them to bless only the formation of a stable couple between two persons, but especially the complementarity of the man and the woman and the reproduction of the children, the elements which are absent in the case of a homosexual couple.
For the Christians, the man and the woman, in their complementarity, are completely just like God. 

All the religions consider the homosexual relations as a great sin. How could they, then, bless an union based on such relations?


Even the adoption of a child by such a couple, an argument often used by "gay", is considered with disapproval by Churches: " a child who arose from the union of a man with a woman needs a father and a mother. To structure his own personality, it is necessary that intervene with him embellish with images paternel and maternal image. Answer that a child just has to feel liked is not satisfactory. The educational stake is otherwise requiring. Indeed, it is also necessary to know in which relational structure a child must be placed to develop. The good of the child has to dominate on the desire of child of those who would like to be similar ".

However, the blessing of the homosexual couples is practised in Protestant parishes of Netherlands, and ' Lutheran Church of Netherlands marries the homosexuals as the heterosexual couples...

Civil marriage between homosexuals


In certain countries an homosexual marriage is possible. Let us quote Netherlands and Belgium, Spain, Canada and Great Britain...
On the other hand, Netherlands, Sweden and Quebec, Spain authorize the adoption by a homosexual couple. France since February 24th, 2006 authorizes this homo-parentalité.

The PACS, the civil pact of solidarity.
To answer the desire of the homosexual couples to benefit from guaranteed, notably economic, similar to those of the married couples, the French legislator created the PACS. So, these couples have in little meadows the same rights as the others, and the most wide-spread popular ethics is not taken in contrary. 


To show well that the PACS cannot be likened to a marriage, this one is tied up, not to the city hall, but with the judicial authorities.

Here is a list of selected sites : 


Search on Google :

'Marriage gay' + 'name of contry' or / and 'name of religion'

In french language :

How to conclude a civil Pact of solidarity? 

How comes to an end the civil Pact of solidarity?