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  Moral and sexual life French Version

Moral and sexual life.

The sexuality is a meeting place of hearts and bodies. 

For the Woman, the happiness and the pleasure have to be the outcome and the expression of the love. Furthermore, the desire is bound to its fertility and to its menstrual cycle.



Rodin - The Kiss.

For the man, the desire and its satisfaction are faster, and equal in the time. He has to learn to know his wife, and to find of the happiness in the pleasure that he gives to her...  

The most important principles are that each one must grant with love what the other requires of him, and which each one avoids requiring of the other something which is repugnant to her or him. 


How To Keep Your Sex Life Alive in Your Marriage 

Sex doesn't have to get boring in marriage. As the years go by, your sex life should get better. Here are some ways to keep your marriage and sex life fresh. 


Here's How: Communication is the key to a healthy and active sex life in a marital relationship, so talk with one another more! 

Share with one another your sexual desires. 

Talk with one another about your expectations concerning lovemaking. False or unmet expectations can hurt your marriage. 

Sexual intimacy is a continuing process of discovery. 

True intimacy through communication is what makes sex great. 

Sex in a long lasting relationship can deepen and become a richer experience. 

No matter how many times you have made love to each other, the wonder and awe of mutual attraction can still be there. 

When life becomes busy, and schedules are hectic, plan for sexual encounters with one another. Make sex one of your main priorities. 

Try to set the mood in advance. If you want to have good sex at night, start the foreplay in the morning. 

Let your spouse know you care and are thinking about him/her throughout the day by notes, e-mails, phone calls, hugs, etc. 

Don't expect your spouse to be the only one in your marriage who is responsible for romance. 

You both need to take responsibility for having an intimate and successful marriage. 

Hold hands more often. 

Schedule date nights.

By Sheri & Bob Stritof, 



Pray, my brothersand especially fornicate More and more churches are encouraging couples - legitimate - enjoying unhindered and often. In Genesis (chapter II, verse 24) it is said that man "cleave to his wife and they shall become one flesh." But how to interpret the term "focus"? ... Couples may have difficulty to speak to each other sexual fantasies, and more to discuss this with their pastor ... But, after interest in almost all other aspects of the lives of their parishioners, the churches which addressed to young adults and members of "Generation X" (people born after baby boom between 1965 and 1982) began to promote not only a more satisfying sex, but more frequent reporting. And they are not only to promote them, but they organize it concretely.

When the New Direction Church started its program called "40 Nights of Grrreat Sex", the Sponsors provided participants with a detailed planning for each day. A typical weekly was held the following: "Sunday: common prayer", "Monday: lavish on of your wife a full body massage", "Tuesday: fast report in any room of the house except the bedroom", "Wednesday: give pleasure to your partner"; "Thursday: read 1st Corinthians - How can I most satisfy you?" and so on. ... Planning sex appears a popular ideaand not just among the believers ... The issue is of still greater urgent among conservative Christians couple which know a divorce rate as important as the general population, while in theory they committed to comply the obligation to "stay together until the death separates. "But sexually, said Pastor Paul Wirth, many say that if "things are not improving to this level in their coupleand their lives may be really tasteless" ...

With their wives, those pastors have developed training programs consisting joint seminars and detailed scheduling order to save her marriage within one month ... Both couples insist on spiritual aspects, emotional and even practices related with having sex more frequent and more satisfying. For example, a husband may expect an evening more tender if he has helped his wife to finish her work in the afternoon. "Otherwise it will only one more corvee for her." 

(David Van Biem, in Time in ...)

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The combination sex and Islam 

Little treatise SEXOLOGY MUSLIM • The "Kama Sura"

 ... The writer Hafid Bouazza has faced sexual practices to the sacred texts of Islam and classical Arabic literature. What are shut up to the most prudish of imams ... These instructions are based on the Quran and hadith on these texts that relate to statements made by the Prophet Muhammad or stories about him ... - To whom we owe these famous words: "In terms of worldly affairs, I love women and fragrance" - as well as the sensuality of Qur'anic descriptions of paradise, but also by the interest shown in sex (male). 

For Muhammad, sex is not just for reproduction, but you can enjoy a full ... To do justice to Muhammad, it is important to note that encouraged his followers to resort to preliminary. "Do not throw your women, he explained, but first they sent a messenger." His people asked him, "What is a messenger, O Prophet?" He replied: "Sweet Words and kisses. "We also know that sexual behavior of Muhammad that he kept his head covered during the act and he said to the woman:" Put yourself in your home, "before getting down to work . He also spoke openly about sex with those who came to him for advice ...

This is the only description of a female orgasm that I found in classical Arabic literature. 

The poem dates from the late eighth or early ninth century and it is for the poet's wife: 

"And you, Oumamah, you do not know 

You excel all women in tight and heat 

And what delights me in you during coitus 

It's your language, who lives and who dies your eyes. " 

The reader will find below a description of a woman who lets himself go completely. 

This is an excerpt from Alf layla wa layla, better known under the title "The Thousand and One Nights," written in rhymed prose, I have here turned into a poem:

"The girl stood up and undressed 

She appeared in a shirt embroidered with gold thread 

She retired and she took me by the hand 

And went with me on the bed and said: 

'Glory to the marriage - the rainbow in my sky parade of sails removed: 

And what has the blessing of God there is nothing that disgraces. 

Hafid Bouazza in DENG in: 

Read the Kama-sutra Arabic

The classic entitled "The Perfumed Garden for the recreation of souls", the Tunisian Sheikh Nefzaoui (sixteenth century?), is probably the work of years erotology the most famous of the Muslim world, a true manual, a guide, our equivalent the Kama Sutra. Nefzaoui and warned: "I swear to God, the knowledge this book is certainly necessary to man. Only the ignorant and the enemies of science will not read it or reduce the ridiculous. " 

A complete version of this book, translated into French is on: / marcopoloimaginaire / jardin.htm


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HEBA Kotb 

In his show, she talks about female orgasm, impotence, oral sex or masturbation. Uninhibited, but with the veil. Heba Kotb, an Egyptian, 39, physician, sexologist, claims to an Islam that allows the pleasure of sex - and therefore his knowledge. Since August 2006, she hosted on the satellite channel El-Mehwar issue Kalam Kibir [Lyrics large], which is very popular in the Arab world. 

The case is sufficiently exceptional that the international press - from Morocco to the Today newspaper Wall Street Journal via El Mundo or Al-Ahram Weekly - dedicated to Heba Kotb items, embodiment of an ideal Islamic open and moderate. Heba Gamal Kotb was born in Cairo, where she attended the French School and the Faculty of Medicine. Graduated from general practice in 1991, she specialized in forensic medicine before leaving the United States, where she pursued studies in sexology. Is the importance of attending the consultation it has opened once again return to his country, which prompted her to do a program on the subject. "His reference, said today Morocco, is the Qur'an and the hadith of the Prophet, that address fully and in detail the relationship between man and woman in marriage."   Heba Kotb

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Judaism does not ban the erotic 

Why sex and eroticism eventually they die out, even in the greatest love stories? How to combine the flame of passionate desire and the reassuring comfort of home? Why do young couples today are they less love? What role does eroticism in the Jewish tradition ...? 

In "Erotic Intelligence. To live in the couple's desire" (Editions Robert Laffont), the famous couple's therapist and family, Esther Perel, answers these questions without taboo. 

What interests me, it was not just sex, it was the erotic dimension of the couple. However, this dimension, I have found in the Zohar, the mystical meaning of the word, long before the modern sense there is assigned exclusively sexual eroticism. Eroticism is the élan vital is how to stay alive, how to vibrate, how to have a vitality, an exuberance, how to transcend this feeling we sometimes fatal in itself. Eroticism is an antidote against death. For me the Jewish people is an example erotic. When I look at the survivors of the Holocaust, I find that there are two groups: those who have not died and those who have recovered to live after living terrible and unspeakable tragedy ... 

It's true that when you improve communication, humor and complicity when we reduce conflict within a couple ... the relationship improves. It's obvious. But what has always fascinated me is the number of couples whose relationship was improving exponentially, but there was no change in sexual desire. They got along better, fought less, they appreciate more, but it did not change anything in the bedroom! ... It has been "de-eroticized" our marriage. "Young women talk to me," I know he loves me, but it's been years since I did not feel desired. Why if he loves me not want me there not? " ... It's terrible for some couples but it is not important at all for others. Some couples can not live without this vital energy, momentum erotic, this antidote to death. By cons, for other couples, the calm at the sexual level, it suits them perfectly ... 

Interview ELIAS LEVY  (Excerpts) Top of page

kama sutra

Whether you want to bring a touch of spice to your relationship or simply to feed your curiosity sensuality, the Kama Sutra offers, even today, good prospects in love. 

(Re) discover the bible of sexuality freed with a selection of carnal embrace. 


The relationship restricted or or coitus interruptus

This is a sexual relationship in which man and woman live a communion and deep joy without reaching an orgasm. This practice is probably very ancient, probably as old as humanity. It has other names. This is the "Carezza" in Italy, but also the "Reservata" or "copula Reservata" or the embrace Oriental. Indeed, the East and particularly the Taoists, are quite expert in the art of loving. They advocate as elixir of life. Generally, in the works of Western sexology, it is simply mentioned as a sexual technique without being described in detail. It promotes understanding and harmony in the couple put into practice requires neither performance nor superhuman heroism. 

What raises the female orgasm.?

And men

"Only 33% of men say they are very satisfied with their sex life, which in itself is not very ... The reason: the frequency of reporting, they are insufficient to find 63%. Yet 92% say they love their partner. "The evidence .... they "changed": "All men would gladly love every day, but most of them adapt to the rhythm of life, respect for their partner and desires, simply because they prefer to deal with this frustration rather than jeopardize their relationship. "For Torgemen Bernard Elias, author of" True stories of the unconscious and extraordinary "(Fayard, 2008), this dissatisfaction is also taken with caution. It must indeed be wary of the size "declaration" affirmed the desire to make love more often, which can be only one way to comply with the old cliché of the man insatiable ... But now they realize they also need love and affection. Meanwhile, they face more openly desiring women, who agree that right... 

However, it is good to find a way to be desirable together. This is the major challenge of the couple ... "Often, the attention that men wear to orgasm by their wives turned against her. "Indeed, many of them see it as" an unbearable pressure "... 

Caroline Desages in: / Torque / Sexuality / (excerpts)

Testimony: "I live with the woman of my life, mother of my child for six years now. I know that love and intimate connection between us very much ... However ... our practical love has become sad episode ... ... We both had enough of 'past lives' to know that our loving and intimate relationship is satisfying and joyful ... when it takes place! in the meantime my requests remain unanswered, communication is poor and I go through days or even weeks, frustrating, sentenced to solitary practices ... 

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Tests on Sexuality:
Numerous tests and questionnaires to learn about your sexuality and your partner have appeared in
some magazines . 

Sex: to be silent
"Sex needs of lies and secrets to survive the rest." This beautiful phrase taken from Denis Robert Bliss (Pocket, 2002) says all the sweetness of the illusion that we will find in this intimate moment is our sexuality ... Despite that tries to make us believe a society seemingly ultra-released, it is still difficult to tell the truth about her orgasms, her frigidity and her fantasies. But the reasons have changed. In the past, allowed the silence to conform to archaic values ​​- about his sexuality, it is not - sources of imprisonment. Today, the lie has taken over to protect us from excessive liberty. To make us safe from these transparency requirements, performance, and laid bare the permanent that are chilling ... Therefore, it is essential to protect its own secret garden ...


On all the aspects of the sexual life in marriage:

For other views on the matter
Google search with key words
sexual marriage + (+ religion)



You have here a guide on sex' problems in mariages:

Common Sexual Problems in Marriage

Photo: Joselito Briones / iStockphoto

Lack of sex is the number one complaint we hear about married sex. Pornography, masturbation, infidelity, and sexual fantasies are other common sexual problems in marriages. Separating facts from myths when it comes to these issues is the first step in solving these sexual problems. The second step is talking with one another about these issues.

Deal With Sexual Problems

Photo: Push / Getty Images / Digital Vision

Lack of communication about sexual problems and lack of caring can tear your marriage apart. If you have waited several months to talk about intimacy problems with your spouse, you've waited too long. But before you try spicing up your sex life with bedroom toys, sex advice books, or sexy lingerie, work on your communication skills and spend more time with each other.

Cope With a Cheating Spouse


If you are trying to cope after learning that your spouse cheated on you, remember that you are not the reason your spouse was unfaithful. The decision to have an affair was made by your spouse. Here's advice on what to do and what not to do during this difficult time.



Google search with key words sexual marriage + (+ religion) Google 

Sexual Happiness in Marriage, ...   de Herbert Jackson Miles