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  marriage-&-religion - The orthodoxe wedding Version en Français

The orthodoxe wedding


In the Orthodox Church, the marriage is impossible with one non-baptized.


A person divorced after a Christian marriage can remarry religiously. However, certain rites demand for this person to make a step of repentance: for example, in Romania, we ask him(her) to pray in seven different churches.



The ceremony.

The engagement is symbolically celebrated in the entrance of the church: the Orthodox priest receives the exchange of the assents of the engaged, then puts them a ring, from gold to the man and from silver to the woman. A friend exchanges these rings.

Entering the church, the newly-weds hold each a big lit wax candle, as well as witnesses. They receive a crown, a sign of the sacrament, then takes place the reading of holy texts.
Then, bridegrooms and witnesses give themselves the hand and turn three times around the lectern wearing the Gospel.


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